Navigating the I.T. waters

Showing the way in Northern B.C. Since 2006.

Our Role

Navigating I.T.

Help your business navigate the I.T. waters to provide effective cost saving solutions tailored to your business.

Charting The Future

Work with your business to develop a plan for I.T. upgrades that work with your budget and deliver results.

Provide Safe Harbour

Provide I.T. solutions that mitigate threats external and internal to keep your business in safe waters.

Eye To The Future

We keep our eyes on future trends to provide your business with advanced warning of potential problems and opportunities.

Reach Your Pole Star

By providing I.T, solutions that work for you, you can concentrate on your businesses ultimate goals.

Our Services

Simplify Your I.T.

If I.T. is more of a bother than a benefit, it’s time to SIMPLIFY Outsourcing your IT frees up resources so that you can focus on your business.

Protect Your Data

Does your current backup solution keep you up at night?  Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provide you with peace of mind.

Improve I.T. Performance

Because you need your IT systems to work – PERIOD. We will improve your IT System’s performance and lower your costs.


The service you provide is good, your knowledge in the system is good and your willingness to figure out what our specific needs are is good.  Good is a boring word but those three specific things are what I look for in a service provider and you have shown me, from day one, all of those qualities, and that’s very important to me … I don’t have to focus on IT because everything is working.  I trust you and your company and I trust that what you are doing is living up to our expectations … I am definitely, definitely less stressed.  IT isn’t an issue for me anymore and that is what I am paying for, I think.

Sheryl Worthing

The price range was in reason.  You guys gave us confidence that the new system was going to use the most current technology…The Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution was the best option for us.  By the time we figured out how much it cost us to do it ourselves and having a backup person, the cost far outweighs the cost of the service.  Get the IT to the IT person, that’s their business.  It’s efficiency, I’m efficient with Year Ends and you’re efficient with Computers … There is no pain [now]…We haven’t had to dedicate anyone to look at things or make sure backup is done.  We’ve even had calls from you saying something didn’t work so we know it is being looked after.  We have peace of mind!

Louise Anderson

Strategic and Business Partnerships