No business wants to suffer a data breach. But unfortunately, in today’s environment, it’s difficult to completely avoid them. 

Approximately 83% of organizations have experienced more than one data breach. The global average cost of a data breach is now $4.35 million, up 2.6% from last year. 

Companies don’t need to resign themselves to the impending doom of a breach. There are some proven tactics they can take to mitigate the costs. 

Cybersecurity Tactics to Reduce the Impact of a Breach 

1. Use a Hybrid Cloud Approach 

Breaches in both the public cloud and private cloud cost more than those in organizations using a hybrid cloud approach. 

2. Put in Place an Incident Response Plan & Practice It 

Having a practiced incident response plan reduces the cost of a data breach. It lowers it by an average of $2.66 million per incident. 

3. Adopt a Zero Trust Security Approach 

Organizations that don’t deploy zero trust tactics pay about $1 million more per data breach.

4. Use Tools with Security AI & Automation 

Data breach expenses lower by 65.2% thanks to security A.I. and automation solutions. These types of solutions include tools like Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). 

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