When you see those people with two monitors, you may assume they do some specialized work that requires all that screen space, or they just really like technology. But having the additional display real estate that a second screen provides can benefit anyone, even if you’re doing accounting or document work all day. 

According to a study by software developer Mavenlink, 73% of surveyed businesses say they spend over an hour per day on average just switching between different apps.

Productivity Research on Dual-Screens 

Jon Peddie Research looked at the benefit of using two screens over several years. It found that overall, employees in all types of jobs can improve productivity by an average of 42%. 

The company’s namesake put it simply by saying, “The more you can see, the more you can do.”

What Are the Advantages of Adding a 2nd Screen? 

Do More in Less time: 

The biggest advantage to using a second monitor is that you can do more in less time because you’re not struggling to get to the windows you need when you need them. 

Expands Laptop Screen Space:

Connecting your laptop to a monitor can significantly improve the experience and make it like working on a normal desktop PC. You can either choose to mirror your entire screen or still make use of the laptop screen for some activities while using the larger screen for others.

Side-by-Side Comparisons Are Easier:

There are a lot of tasks that require looking at data in two windows. With two monitors, you have the screen real estate you need to fully open both windows and have them right next to each other so you can easily do your work.

More Freedom During Video Calls:

With dual screens, you can choose which screen you want to share during meetings, and still have apps open on the other screen that no one can see.

Fairly Inexpensive Productivity Booster:

Purchasing another display is a fairly low investment when looking at technology. A monitor can be purchased for anywhere between $150 to $450 on average. And with a 42% average productivity boost, it can have a pretty sweet ROI.